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We are OAK'S LAB, a tech start-up incubator / accelerator empowering millennial entrepreneurs.

90% of startups fail. That’s why we’re here.

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Start-up Leadership

Move your start-up from legal formation to creation of the company identity that fits your vision, utilizing OAK'S LAB’s experience in building both software and businesses.

Concept Guidance

Develop your idea into one that maximizes unexplored market niches, and impacts the world in the most beneficial way possible. That’s OAK'S LAB’s mission.

Product Development

Collaborate with OAK'S LAB’s team of project managers, creative graphic designers, coders and programmers.

Entrepreneurial Mentorship

OAK'S LAB’s board of start-up veterans educate you to become the capable leader that your start-up needs.

Investor Attraction

OAK'S LAB puts you in contact with the right investors. Then you build a synergistic relationship that ensures funding and guidance.

Strategic Planning

Launch your product using OAK'S LAB’s business strategy.

Business Growth

Allow your business to grow using a customized plan, developed by OAK'S LAB’s industry experts.

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Do you have an amazing idea deep inside your mind and do you believe it is the new big thing?
Are you willing to know if it can survive in this world? We are looking for you!

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Pitch your idea.

Legal Guidance

Establish your legal company structure.


Put your idea on paper, through product scopes and wireframes.


Develop the scopes and wireframes into a functioning product.


Industry leaders teach you how to run a business.


Engage an investor who fits your needs.


Launch your product.

OAK'S LAB hand selects outstanding concepts to develop in our startup laboratory. You become our investment. If selected, OAK'S LAB’s tech team develops your product while our business team guides, educates and mentors you and your company into the market. It’s core to the OAK'S LAB mission to select only concepts which exemplify the values OAK'S LAB wants to instill in the business world. But once you are in the lab, the OAK'S LAB team harnesses its kick ass, unorthodox work ethic – known to be unparalleled across the global development industry.

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